Cork Open Backgammon Tournament 2015

Event Information and Programme

Entry to the Main Tournament (€40) includes free entry to the Clonakilty Knockout (Consolation Knockout) and the Last Chance Knockout. 

1st Prizes
Main Tournament: €2,000 + Trophy
Clonakilty Knockout: €400 + Trophy
Last Chance Knockout: €100 + Trophy

Optional Side Pools will run alongside the Main Tournament and all Knockouts. (A Side Pool is a prize fund made up of additional and optional entry fees, kept separate from the main prize fund, and awarded to the player of each side pool who gets the furthest in each pool.)

In the Main Tournament Heats each entrant plays up to 5 games. Win 4 or more games to secure qualification to the Main Tournament Knockout on Sunday. Only the top 16 will go forward with a win of 4 or more matches in the Heats. If all 16 places have not been filled then players who have won 3 out of 5 matches in the Heats will be entered into the Main Tournament Playoffs and play a 1-point match against each other to fill the remaining places. 

Date Cork Open Backgammon Tournament 2015

Friday 6th
7pm Knockouts:
Jackpot (€100 entry, 7-pointers, 11-point final)
Intermediate (€10 entry, 5-pointers, 7-point final)
Beginners (€1 entry, 3-pointers, 5-point final)

Saturday 7th March 10.00 Main Tournament Registration (€40 entry)
11.00 Main Tournament Heats (7-pointers, Swiss Rounds)
12.00 Saturday Shootout (€5 entry, 1-point matches)

21.00 Traditional Irish Music Session, in An Teach Beag

Sunday 8th March

10.00 Main Tournament Playoffs (1-pointers) 
11.00 Main Tournament Knockout (11-pointers)
11.00 Clonakilty Knockout (€20, 5-pointers, 7-point final)
12.00 Last Chance Knockout (€10, 3-pointers, 5-point final)
18.00 Main Tournament Final (2-players, 13-pointer)

All Main Tournament entrants are guaranteed a minimum of 5 matches. However, due to time constraints, the 8 Main Tournament Quarter Finalists are not guaranteed a place in the Clonakilty Knockout. Similarly, the 8 Clonakilty Knockout Quarter Finalists are not guaranteed a place in the Last Chance Knockout.

Entry to the Main Tournament secures the option to enter all Friday Knockouts and the Saturday Shootout. Players not in the Main Tournament may enter Knockouts and the Saturday Shootout on the day, subject to availability of places, and at the discretion of the organisers.