Catgammon - a dramatic rescue

Heroism, backgammon, pet rescue and wild weather.  This story has it all.

On the way to Clonakilty Backgammon Club on a stormy Wednesday night, club member DJMike heard the cries of a distressed cat stranded in the cold river by the Post Office.  The poor cat had fallen into the water and broken its paw.

Without hesitation or thought for his own safety our hero plunged knee deep into the icy water and carried the cat through the torrent to safety.

Putting the poor moggy on a safe spot on the wall Mike carried on to the club and played several rounds of chouettes despite his wet legs.

Meanwhile the relieved and grateful owner was reunited with his cat.

You too can rescue a cat anytime you like, or if you just want to play backgammon in a warm room come to Clonakilty Backgammon Club any Wednesday at 8.00.