At Clonakilty Backgammon club many a happy evening passes where players join together to play Chouettes - essentially a game of backgammon where two or more players take on a single player. Why is it fun - the team discuss their moves and vote on them - a great way to learn the game for newcomers and a great way to make friends.  Try it.

Many thank to for the following account to explain Chouettes in more detail..

Backgammon Variants

"Chouette is a form of backgammon for more than two players. Chouettes offer many advantages over one-on-one play in a club situation. They are fun, sociable, and exciting. And it is easy for players to join a game or take a brief break when they want to.

Order of play: To start, each player throws one die and in the event of a tie there is a reroll. The player rolling highest becomes the box and plays against all the others who form a team. The second highest becomes the captain of the team. The captain rolls the dice and makes the plays for the team.

When the box wins a game, he collects from each member of the team. Then the captain goes to the back of the line and the next player on the team becomes the captain. When the team wins, the box pays off to each team member. Then he goes to the back of the line and the captain becomes the new box.

Players can leave or join a chouette at any time. A new player starts at the bottom of the rotation."

In Clonakilty the team consults freely as to how rolls should be played. Join them any Wednesday night for a game!