Extreme Backgammon Training

Clonakilty Backgammon pioneers new training techniques.

Says Club founder and Chair Philip Newton "The club is always improving the level of its game.  Every month the competition standard is higher, and even new players are finding a big improvement to the standard of their game using our renowned extreme backgammon training methods".

Two strategies are revealed here: Team Talk and Parallel Play.

Team Talk

One board is used, and members of the club are divided into two teams of two, three or four players - each team playing as one "player".  As the dice are rolled the teams discuss the range of moves possible and the merits of each before reaching agreement and moving their pieces.  The other team do the same on their turn, and so on.  Members learn from each other about the the range of moves possible with each throw of the dice,  and the range of strategies from safe to standard to calculated risk.  Newer players benefit from the wisdom of more established players, the shared thrill of a good decision and the embarrassment and recriminations following a bad call.

No really, it will work

Parallel Play

Players line up their boards in a row and play standard games, but all moves are based on the roll of just two sets of dice, one for the players on the left of the boards and one for the players on the right.  Players each make their own moves but the varying outcomes will show the benefits of various strategies and decisions.  (No peeking).  A review of the games at set moments during and at the end of the match will reveal who is making the best of  the dice they are all fated to play. Winning players can then share the secrets of their successful strategy. Smugness is punishable under club rules.

Same roll, different outcomes