Competition Night Archive

July 2013

The new Clonakilty Backgammon champion Steven "The Klingon" swept all before him in a devastating series of killer games in this 3 point knockout tournament.

The current champion, Mossy, the young Iranian, fell early to Philip Newton who then thought he was in with a chance after a tense match but he didn’t count on young Steven who had been in training for months in the build-up to the competition, once Philip was defeated the way was open to the final between Steven O’Driscoll and a relative newcomer to the game, the dashing Vic Sprake however his cavalier attitude and style was no match for Stevens aggressive style of play and Vic was crushed in a very quick 3 – 0 defeat.

In a bold statement after the usual press call Steven said, “No one can stand in my way now, Europe and the whole world is now within my grasp”, well Steven we will see what happens the next time, keep practicing young man.

 This is a one point knockout so even less experienced players can win!!! The second prize was won by Bev pictured here (second from left) confused by Vic's defence.

The competition is open to all club members. Membership of the club is free.  Jump to the contact page here for info and/or to sign up