Bearing Off

Once a player has moved all their markers around the board and in to their home-board they start to bear-off. Bearing-off is the removal of markers from the board and out of play. The way players do this takes a little bit of thought to understand the rules but once you understand it it makes perfect sense. Players bear off a marker by rolling a dice value that corresponds to the point number it is on.

So if a player rolls a 6 they may remove a marker on the 6-point. If there are no markers on the dice's corresponding point number they must move or remove a marker from the highest possible point number that they have a marker on. So if they roll a 6 and there is no marker on the 6-point they must move any marker on their 5-point, and if there are none there they must remove a marker on their 4-point, and so on. And so, for example, if a player rolls a 3 but has no markers on their corresponding 3-point they must move a marker 3 points from any markers situated on a higher numbered point.

 Once a player has removed all their markers from their home-board they have won the game.