Competition Night

Hello backgammoners.  The last Wednesday of every month is competition night.  FREE entry, very friendly, with a magnificent trophy and a bottle of wine for the winner. Next comp. Wednesday 25th September 8.00pm. August match report below!

Two in a Row for Steven “The Klingon”

Last month’s champion, AKA “The Klingon”, was in devastating form as he took the prestigious “Clon Trophy” for the second month in a row.  “The Klingon’s” first game against veteran backgammoner Philip “The Body” Newton, was a close call when he was losing 2-0 in this three point competition but came back to win a decisive 3-2. He then went on to destroy relative new comer Una “The Demon” Keogh 3-0, despite her attempts to distract “The Klingon” by ridiculing his manhood, which then took him into the final against Richard, AKA “Mutant Ninja Turtle”.

To get to the final, “Mutant Ninja Turtle” had to take out Paul “Chippy” Keogh and he did it in devastating style with a 3-1 defeat.

Last month’s finalist Vic “The Bull” Sprake, made short work of the up and coming “DJ” Mike who, in a surprising turn of events knocked out Mossy “The Persian”, the June champion. “The Bull” then lost out to “Mutant Ninja Turtle”.

A warm but cautious welcome was given to the new comer to the backgammon circuit, Rachel, AKA “The Blond Bombshell”, but nerves got the better of her when she went out to “The Demon” in the first round.

After the tournament, “The Klingon” said that he was in negotiations with a Las Vegas Backgammon Stable with a view to quitting Ireland and turning Pro on the Vegas and European circuit and although rumours are rife about the king of money involved you can be sure he has a bright future out there in Backgammon land.

There were a few noticeable players missing that it was felt could have turned the competition on its head, there was Bev “Don’t F**K with me” Cotton, Joseph “The Judge” McCarthy and Liam “The Pope” Crowley.

Congratulations came pouring in overnight wishing “The Klingon” continued success; there was warm praise from Omar Sharif, Madonna, Robbie Williams and Paddy O’Toole from Dunmanway. Will “The Klingon” be able to make it three in a row? He seems to think so, after remarking that he won’t even bother bringing the trophy with him for the September tournament. We’ll see!   

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