In the Southern Star August 2013

Members of the Clonakilty Backgammon Club welcome new members

By Southern Star reporter JACKIE KEOGH

THE founders of the Clonakilty Backgammon Club will be attending the Irish Open Backgammon Championships in Dublin later this year. One of the founders said:

‘Backgammon is said to be the game of kings and pharaohs and it certainly dates back, in one form or another, at least 5,000 years and was very poplar with the ancient Romans.  Backgammon, although relatively unknown in is very popular along the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Anyone visiting Greece on their holidays could easily have come across local people playing backgammon in the village square on a Sunday afternoon".

Clonakilty Backgammon Club was formed quite recently by a group of friends, Philip Newton. Steven O’ Driscoll and Paul Keogh, and now boasts nearly 30 members and growing. Many world famous celebrities play the game: amongst them are Omar Sharil, Madonna, and Robbie Williams but to name a few. There is a European Championship, a World Championship and several country championships around the world and the founders of Clonakilty Backgammon Club will he attending the Irish Open Backgammon Championships in Dublin on October 13th this year.

Clonakilty Backgammon Club now boasts its own website and the club welomes new members of all playing levels from never played before to Grand Masters.  They meet every Wednesday night at 8pm in the upstairs mom in Mick Finn‘s Bar at Pearse Street in Clonakilty. The club supplies boards, membership is free, and there is no age limit. All the experienced members are also happy to teach anyone wanting to learn this fascinating game.